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Anti Aging Face Massage

This excellent anti-aging massage improves the circulation in the facial muscles. It helps to strengthen the tissues to reduce the effects of overly swollen or wrinkled skin, which gives the skin a firmer and younger look. In addition to all these benefits, a facial massage reduces stress, and allows you to feel relaxed, calm and rested.

Our anti-aging face massage is precisely practised by following the muscular structures of the face, while using ozone vapour spray, creams, care products and natural exfoliants, that your skin needs for better elasticity and a more radiant complexion, all ensuring an immediate anti-wrinkle effect. From our range of anti-aging treatments, you can choose the one that will be better adapted for your skin.

During the application of the chosen mask (about 20 minutes), a hand, arm, feet or leg massage will also be offered to you… We take care of your well-being at all times, because the essential thing is you.

Cucumber mask
Collagen mask

Face Massage + Cucumber Mask

This firming skin care is particularly suitable for young skins to retain their glow and natural look while fighting against the misdeeds of time and the environment. A true cocktail of vitamins, cucumber moisturises dry skin, cleanses greasy skin and restores radiance to dull skin. It is a real treatment for facial radiance.

  • 1h, 400 THB

  • Face Massage + Ozone + Collagen Mask

    Face massage and application of a collagen mask. Called “youth protein”, collagen gives strength and elasticity to the skin. As the production of collagen decreases with age (causing wrinkles and loosening of the skin), the treatment mask regenerates the collagen level of the skin, restoring vigour and radiance. It is the essential anti-wrinkle treatment for your face.

  • 1h10, 500 THB
  • Ozone vapour spray for your face easily helps unblock impurities but also helps prepare your skin to receive suitable treatments and to apply a chosen beauty mask.

    Face Massage + Ozone + Golden Mask + 24K Gold Serum

    The prestige treatment with pure gold leaf is a marvellous complete anti-aging treatment which will sublimate your face and skin. Treatment after treatment, the results will be visible: reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, lifted, smoother and younger skin. The extraordinary action of pure gold prevents oxidation of the cells responsible for aging, and stimulates the natural production of collagen for visibly smoother skin.

    Regenerated skin: gold, used as an active ingredient for its powerful anti-oxidant properties, eliminates impurities, excess of sebum and toxins from the pores for clear and radiant skin. It is suitable for all skin types, because gold is non-allergenic. It is ideal for mature, fragile, dry skin… You have every reason to opt for this prestige face treatment, like Indian queens and Chinese empresses.

  • 1h30, 2900 THB

  • Face Massage + Ozone + Collagen & Gold Dust & 24K Gold Serum Radiance Mask

    Gold increases radiance and creates a healthy-glow effect, just like in jewellery. This collagen mask, combined with gold dust and 24K gold serum, benefits from the exceptional power of 24-carat gold to regenerate and reinforce the skin which is losing its tonicity. Immediately, signs of tiredness disappear, skin recovers its energy, it is nourished and repulped thanks to this mask full of precious ingredients: gold dust and collagen, vitamin E. Progressively, wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, the shape of the face recovers its firmness, skin regenerates and is energised. Moisturizing, nourishing and smoothing, this mask targets unsightly aspects of the face, like wrinkles and fine lines.

  • 1h15, 1200 THB

  • Anti Aging Restorative Massage with Aloe Vera

    99% pure organic aloe vera gel is made of many elements with restorative, smoothing, healing and protective benefits. It is also used to soothe sunburns or small skin irritations. It helps to prevent skin agin by softening it and has an immediate refreshing effect. Besides, its action on natural collagen confers unsurpassed anti-wrinkle virtues. The anti aging massage with aloe vera, besides having soothing and restorative properties, is a true natural regenerating care.

  • 1h, 650 THB

  • Face Massage + Ozone + Anti-Acne Mask

    Skin suffering from acne requires specific treatment for eliminating excess sebum, dead skin cells and toxins from the skin. They require products that both purify and disinfect. Our specific anti-acne treatment uses a suitable massage technique, combined with ozone vapour spray, and very specific products for each type of skin, as well as the application of a special anti-acne mask. Done regularly, our special anti-acne massage helps soften the skin, unblock pores and above all, stop acne. It is also ideal for those suffering from acne scars, and wanting to unify their face.

  • 1h, 500 THB

  • Anti Aging Face Massage THE HOME STAR Style

    Let yourself be seduced by THE HOME STAR style radiant facial treatment with multiple benefits, combining natural and aromatic therapy, as well as intense relaxation and well-being. Enjoy the delicate scents of aromatic flowers of this « lighting up » skin care treatment. Associated with a face, neck, scalp and upper body massage, it helps loosen stiff muscles, densify the skin and stimulate lymphatic drainage of your face. Inspired by beauty rituals from Thailand, discover the benefits of this exceptional treatment combining skin cleansing, massage, well-being and beauty.

  • 1h30, 700 THB

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