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Therapeutic Massages

The duration of the massages can be adapted to your needs: 1h, 1h30, 2h and more.

Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage


Back, neck and shoulders exclusive massage with coconut oil

It is a massage practised on the shoulders, the neck and the back. This massage brings innumerable benefits, although it is only applied on the upper part of the body. It relaxes the muscles, promotes good articulatory functions, relieves pain, helps to fight against stress, releases muscular tensions and contractions due to prolonged periods of sitting (for instance in front of a computer), or due to the stress of daily life.

  • Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage: 1h, 350 THB
  • Back, neck and shoulders exclusive massage with coconut oil: 1h, 500 THB
  • Head, Neck, Shoulders and Back Massage

    The head massage has a considerable effective benefit physically and mentally: it acts on all the body’s systems, preventing migraines, headaches and back pain, and also helps the mind to relax and recharge for the long-term. The shoulders and the neck are massaged in the same way as the back, shoulders and neck massage.

  • 1h, 570 THB

  • Relaxing Foot Massage

    For more than 3000 years, the Thai foot massage has had the ability to prevent and cure many ailments such as digestive problems, migraines or heavy and tired legs.

  • 1h, 250 THB

  • Foot massage and active foot reflexology

    Active foot reflexology is the art of massaging the feet with the use of a wooden massage stick. This stimulates the internal organs through reflex zones located on the plantar surface of the feet. The foot massage removes the stress of daily life and allows comfortable relaxation.

  • 1h, 350 THB

  • Dream Star Massage

    Let yourself be carried away by a delicate massage combining the feet, legs, arms, hands and the head lasting 1.5 hours, rocked by soft, relaxing music and soothing perfume scents.

  • 1h30, 370 THB

  • Thai Herbal Compress

    In Thailand, nearly 3000 different herbal medicines exist. The warm herbs are designed to stimulate energy circulation in the body. The herbal massage starts with a traditional toning massage during which plant compresses are steam-heated.

    Massaging from head to toe, the therapist alternates deep pressures and superficial touches, to deeply relax the muscles. The compresses are also applied directly on your skin, the plants releasing their active ingredient under the effect of the heat and comfortably and durably relieving the tensions in your body.

  • 1h30, 950 THB               2h, 1250 THB

  • Sport Massage

    This is a therapeutic massage designed to improve movement and reduce the pain caused by intense physical activity. This massage stimulates the lymphatic system, blood circulation and frees muscular contractures. Originaly planned to treat sports injuries and improve athletes’ performance, this massage focuses on the prevention and healing of tendon and muscle injuries.

  • 1h, 600 THB

  • Therapeutic Body Massage

    This massage provides a real relaxation and is efficient against physical discomfort caused by stress: backache, lack of energy, insomnia. It is also recommended in cases of muscular pain, tension or stress, reduced mobility. It has an action on the skin, but also on circulation, the nervous and digestive system. It provides a soothing effect and acts on stress and muscular tension; useful against pain, it acts also on joints.

  • 1h, 600 THB
  • Office syndrome

    It is a massage for therapeutic purposes aimed at improving movements and reducing all kinds of muscle pain caused by intense physical activity, or by prolonged stationing in front of a computer or other, or simply due to physical discomfort. Performed by our professional and qualified masseuse therapists It is an effective solution to stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation. It releases tensions and contractures. It helps your muscles to relax. It also prevents migraines and headaches. Initially intended to treat muscle syndromes, this massage pleasantly and durably relieves all tensions in your body.

  • 1h, 850 THB… recommended 1h30

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