The Home Star Cha-am

Relaxing Massages

The duration of the massages can be adapted to your needs: 1h, 1h30, 2h and more.

Oil Massage

Applied directly to the skin with luxurious massage oils, this complete relaxing treatment allows the recovery of your body’s energy offering you relaxation and plenitude. From head to toe, the therapist uses linear, gentle and fluid movements to stimulate your body’s energy lines and revitalise your muscles, while offering you complete relaxation.

  • 1h, 350 THB

  • Aromatherapy Massage

    Indulge your body and give your mind a delicate moment of relaxation with this gentle, complete and relaxing whole-body massage. It is performed with the aid of essential massage oils. This oil is an extract of flower and plant which allows combined relaxation of the body and mind, thanks to a subtle mix of relaxing aromas that you have the choice of among a range, and thanks to sweet, firm and continuous manoeuvres, regularly applied in an expert and harmonious way. The ultimate relaxation massage through excellence, to practice without moderation.

  • 1h, 500 THB

  • Coconut Oil Massage (100% Organic)

    The relaxing massage with coconut oil not only relaxes all of your body’s muscles, like the relaxing oil massage, but above all it allows a complete deep hydration of the skin. Its pleasing fragrance also allows you to relax in a refined setting of our massage parlour, while preparing your skin for prolonged sun exposure and giving it a soft, natural satin look.

  • 1h, 500 THB
  • Aloevera Sunburn Treatment Massage

    Enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of aloe vera gel, an ancient and natural beauty regime from Asia. Combined with a very relaxing, pleasant body massage, the aloe vera gel nourishes your skin, calms the burns from sunburn, stimulates the repair of damaged tissues and provides the necessary trace elements and vitamins for your skin. Finally, it deeply rests you. You’ll forget the meaning of the word “stress”…

  • 1h, 550 THB

  • Exclusive Wellness Massage

    Treat yourself to an excellent wellness care for a duration of two hours, specifically adapted to your bodily and psychological condition. This massage is a very ancient natural method in the fight and prevention of muscular pain, stress, certain dysfunctions of the body and brings well-being, relaxation and vitality. It is a gentle and pleasant alternative for reenergizing, finding a new harmony between the body and the mind and treating various common ailments.

  • 2h, 950 THB

  • Four hands traditional aromatherapy body massage

    Four hands traditional body massage with hot coconut oil

    Discover the delicacy and softness of a four-handed massage, using aromatic oils with relaxing properties in the private and cozy atmosphere of our spa… Four expert hands travel over your body with fluid movements and deep, balanced pressures facilitated through the use of appropriate oils, your tensions disappear and this moment of intense gentleness orchestrated with professionalism by our two qualified therapists… will allow you an escape into the art of Thai well-being.

  • 1h, 1,600 THB
  • 1h, 2,400 thb

  • Relaxing Aromatherapy THE HOME STAR Style

    THE HOME STAR style relaxing massage is a magnificent whole body and head massage lasting an hour and a half inspired by the oldest Thai traditions of relaxing massage. This treatment of well-being is practised on the whole body, with a natural aromatic flower-based massage oil, expertly concocted by our specialist in aromatherapy.

    This massage promotes relaxation and a deep physical and mental relaxation. It uses all-encompassing, fluid movements, glided pressures and can be carried out in a soothing or energising way according to your needs. As the movements progress, the muscles relax, tensions and stress are diminished. It is a relaxing massage, aiding the body and mind to regain their natural balance.

  • 1h30, 750 THB

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