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Wellness Treatment

Wellness head massage with hot coconut oil

The head massage with hot coconut oil is a very special care that vitalizes your hair while stimulating hair growth and the consolidation of hair roots. Done on the scalp, the shoulders and the neck, this massage also relieves headaches, tensions that accumulated in the body, stress, and helps relaxing and focusing in everyday life. By working on the most tensed areas, “head, neck and shoulders”, it has an effect on the three superior chakras, producing an immediate relaxation. The main goal of this massage is to release all the energies of the body. It relieves mental and emotional stress, migraine and insomnia. It also relieves pain and stiffness in the muscles of the face, head, neck, and the upper part of back and shoulders. You feel calmness and serenity, you get a peaceful and restful sleep, and healthy hair.

  • 1h, 750 THB
  • Thai traditional wellness massage with hot coconut oil

    Relaxing Thai massages with hot coconut oil have been done in Asia for thousands of years. They combine the benefits of relaxing massages themselves with the natural benefits of coconut oils. Hot coconout oil provides relaxation, tone, relief of tensions, immune protection, and pleasure… Massage with hot coconut oil also stimulates most of the sensory organs and relieves many ailments, including stress and muscular pains. Alternating flowing movements and deep pressure, light tapping and frictions on most tensed muscles, this ancestral technique relieves all tensions and rebalances energy circulation.

    Coconut oils have soothing and purifying virtues, and ensure intense relaxation. The subtle fragrances of selected essential oils provide complete wellness. Relaxing Thai massage with hot coconut oil combines therapeutic properties of hot oils with efficiency of Thai traditional wellness massage. It also stimulates the acupuncture points and sensory energy lines, relieving physical, mental or emotional tensions. Treat yourself to a moment of pure escape and relaxation that you will never forget.

  • 1h, 950 THB
  • Body Scrub

    The body scrub clears the skin of dead cells and impurities, giving it a soft, silky and natural look. Made with fruity salts of our choice, the scrub is carried out by a method specific to our salon.

    For one hour, the body is scrubbed and massaged to clear its impurities and restore the skin’s suppleness and original tone.

  • 1h, 600 THB
  • Body Scrub & Sauna

    THE HOME STAR invites you to come and relax before your body scrub massage session in our private sauna for one or two people. The active principles of dry heat relax the muscles to prepare them for the massage, and prepares your skin to receive its gentle exfoliation.

  • 1h, 900 THB

  • Body scrub, sauna & aromatherapy

    It begins with a relaxing sauna session of about 20 minutes, followed by a pleasant body scrub for a soft and supple skin, made with THE HOME STARS’s luxury exfoliation products that will accompany this moment of total plenitude, followed by a refreshing shower. Finally, your relaxed body is ready to welcome the benefits of an aromatic oil massage. This gentle massage performed on the skin allows elimination of toxins and recuperation of the body’s energy. A pure moment of relaxation.

  • 1h30, 1200 THB
  • Sauna & vitamin E relaxing massage

    THE HOME STAR invites you to come and relax before your massage in our private sauna for one or two people. The active principles of the dry heat relax the muscles to prepare them for a massage with moisturising Vitamin E cream. This natural cream with Vitamin E helps protect and maintain integrity of the cellular membrane which protects the skin against the negative effects of the environment. Also, it has natural benefits which delay the effects of aging and also help to sooth sunburn.

  • 1h30, 700 THB

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